About Us


'www.indiasteelinfo.com' is a POSCO-IPPC's Business Portal Site for sharing Steel Market information. The site is designed to contact new Buyers and enable electronic bidding and share the Market price trend.

'www.indiasteelinfo.com' strives to form a community in which both business and customer can benefit by actualizing Internet Business.

POSCO-IPPC is a service center created by POSCO-Korea, for providing value added service to Indian Customers POSCO-IPPC is an INDIA GATE

  • * All operations are based on POSCO's guideline
  • * Top management deputed by POSCO from Korea
  • * Created & Managed by POSCO
  • * Capital Machinery installation & Training by POSCO
  • * Technical Support from POSCO

Why we have developed Business Portal Site?

  • * To Share Information regarding Steel Market with Valued Customer
  • * To have a overview of the price trend in the domestic Indian market as well as the oversees
  • * To propagate customer opinion regarding Steel Market
  • * To meet customer requirement by displaying some products with open price

Business History

  • * May, 2010 - Formed a task force to open an e-portal site specializing in POSCO steel products
  • * May, 2010 - Established basic strategy and business model for on-line sales
  • * June, 2010 - Launched development of on-line sales system for non-order products
  • * June, 2010 - Decided on www.indiasteelinfo.com as the site domain name
  • * June, 2010 - Completed the development of on-line sales system for inventory products. - Began operating 'www.indiasteelinfo.com' on June 25th. (Started selling inventory products on-line.)

e-Sales is a portal site for the sales of POSCO-IPPC carried products

The e-Sales is for selling POSCO-IPPC Stocks on-line. In addition, a variety of contents are provided, including an introduction to steel and POSCO steel products and other steel-related general information, steel industry news and general economic information. It provides a common platform for all steel buyers who also can forward their special enquiries

Provision of steel-related information to all customers

Provides Market prices trend current prices for the various steel, also provides the customer opinion in customer board where in customer can share their views. Customers can now have an efficient access to steel-related information

Customer-friendly web structure

Customer can buy steel online from stock without any registration. It is a simple couple of clicks procedure to select your required stock to buy. Also the updates of the ongoing process are given to the customers via e-mail & mobile number. Sending the required enquiry is very simple